Dochula Pass @ 3150m @ 'too early for me to function' AM

Sometimes, just sometimes, my phone does this beautiful thing with its camera which makes up for the serious lack of photography skills. This picture by the way has NOT been Instagram-enhanced like most of the pictures I post.

Dochula is the first pass some 30kms or so outside the capital city of Thimphu (Bhutan). It is breathtakingly beautiful even for the locals (like me) who have driven past this at least twice a year. My mother likes to yell ‘Lhageylo’ which basically means ‘Victory for the gods’ (I realize this sounds oddly like something out of a greek mythology scene or game of thrones where they repeatedly say ‘by the old gods and the new’, yes I have a fascination for any era that isn’t now or the future haha) when we pass here, my uncle (mom’s brother who is much less inclined to religion and superstition) likes to annoy her and yell ‘Defeat for the demons’ while holding up a victory sign. That used to make me laugh a lot as a little girl.

Today, there are 108 stupas (those white structures) built on this pass in order to brings merit to all sentient beings (buddhist philosophy) and as a commemoration of the selfless commitment, service, and leadership of the Fourth King of Bhutan.


Dochula Pass @ 3150m @ ‘too early for me to function’ AM


4 thoughts on “Dochula Pass @ 3150m @ ‘too early for me to function’ AM

  1. thanks for ruining my 15 seconds of photography fame πŸ˜› i did realize it was a glare, but ultimately photography is about how beautiful the image looks, whether its follows all photography rules or not, no? of course your pictures are impeccable. why didnt i learn some skills from you when i had the chance? 😦

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