During the Victorian Era (yes, yes, this again – just shush it and listen read), there existed an alternative mode of communication called floriography or the language of flowers. Because there were so many limitations to what was considered proper ways of communicating or interacting (especially between the two sexes), the clever subjects of Queen Victoria created a way of communicating through flowers. Various flowers and floral arrangements were used to send coded messages. Messages of love, admiration, longing, friendship, and every other beautiful thing were sent through ‘tussie-mussies’ (and no, tussle-mussie does not mean what your modern day lascivious mind tells you it is, although I am pretty sure most tussle-mussie even then eventually ended with a 😉 “tussie-mussie”, if you know what i mean haha). Tussie-mussie is actually the art of small floral arrangements that people still follow today. I think we all remember some of the nuance of what certain flowers mean right, like for instance, red roses for passionate love, yellow flowers for friendship, while flowers for purity, etc.

I looked up what my favorite flowers represent, and were its representation any indication of the person you are, I should feel pretty good about myself no? 😉

Peonies: Shame, Bashfulness

Orchids: Refined Beauty

Lily (white): Purity

Dandelion: Coquetry

Tulips (Red): Undying love

Baby’s Breath: Innocence, Pure of Heart




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