Blog Envy

I have some serious case of blog envy. I thought I was decent at writing (Okay, so I may not know the difference between compound nouns and attributive nouns, but I know some long words like ‘pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism’ and ‘antidisestablismentarianism’ which counts for something right?), that was until I decided to ask wordpress to “recommend blogs” for me. I have come across some witty, funny, captivating, inspirational blogs in the way its written and the things they write about. It seems these clever people (who, I am convinced, own a team of intelligent elves like the ones at the Gringotts Bank in Harry Potter, who write their blog entries for them) are a dime-a-dozen. And the sad truth that hit me, like a bitch slap across the face, was that I wasn’t even part of this dime-a-dozen. Well, I suppose I could do the whole english is my second (third technically) language bit and try to buy some leniency from readers who assess the wry humor and misplaced semi-colons in my entries, but instead I choose to rise above such ‘sympathy garnering tricks’ and will take comfort in my small victories. Like the fact that I have found a way to show everyone I know words like ‘pseudopseudohypoparathyroidism’ and ‘antidisestablismentarianism’ without actually having to use it in a sentence because that would have meant I needed to know its definition HA! 😉


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