ARGHH! Its Mental Tuesday!!!

Some days you wake up and feel like this day was particularly designed to test your every last nerve. Every comment anyone makes seems to piss you off and that one co-worker who is a little bit more rude than necessary on a regular basis seems like a good punching bag as any to begin that kickboxing practice you’ve been wanting to do for a while now. Today is that day. I am irritated and annoyed by every single person, every little comment, and everything I try to do seems to leave me frustrated and angry. And before you say it, NO I AM NOT PMS-ing. Its just one of those days. I often wonder if my “off-kilter” days are strategically aligned with other people’s “I want to be chatty and annoyingly upbeat” days because every once in a while when this day comes along, people just seem frustratingly and nauseatingly chirpy. Go bounce off another wall with all your bubbly bouncy self today before I punch you in the face! (Anger management anyone?:P)



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