Oh Mommy Dearest! Part Deux

I’ve often told myself that my mother’s little quirks and antics are mostly an Asian mother-thing, but apparently not. Check out this Shouts and Murmurs piece by The New Yorker’s Jesse Eisenberg.

My Mother Explains the Ballet to Me

Here is a good paragraph to give you an idea of whats happening:

“Can you pay attention for a second? Your fidgeting is distracting me. I understand you’re impatient. I’ve been impatient, too. Like when I was impatient for thirty-six hours while you took your sweet time ambling down my birth canal. That wasn’t exactly fun for me, either. It felt like I was trying to shit out a watermelon. Had I known about the size of your head, I would’ve gotten a Caesarean. Hindsight, right?”

Oh Mrs. Eisenberg!


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