Welcome Occupational Hazards

Sometimes I love my job, of course sometimes I hate it too, but then there are these things that happen because of my work, more specifically, meeting people who make life a little bit more bearable. Since I started working at the corporation I work for now, I have in under 10 months met some wonderful wonderful people. I think a lot of times people enjoy meeting people who make them feel good about themselves, but these are not the people I am talking about. I have met people who reinstate my hope for mankind. There are some wonderful souls out there. Some that remain, despite the world’s consistent attempt to jade us, genuinely good/kind. Ones that remain blissfully content with what they have in life, whether they earn in hundreds of thousands or barely-make-it paychecks every month. I like bringing myself around these people. I think on some level I hope that they will rub off some of their positivity and kindness on me. I, foolishly or not so foolishly, hope they will, in their simple uncluttered way of life, inspire me to nip my permanent “vie maladie” at the bud once and for all.

Thinking about all the people I have yet to meet in life, wonderful people like I have met in the past couple of months, makes me a little bit more excited about the future. Think of all the lives that will intersect paths with yours, doesnt that make life appear a little bit more interesting than it is when you think about just the redundant routines you will be subject to anyhow?


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