Making Changes

We all say this, and maybe because it is the end of the year we find the need to force this new level of determination to make the following year better than the one you’ve just lived through, because, you know, “YOLO” apparently. I am determined however to be ahead of the ‘new year resolution’ making lot by precisely…4days and a couple hours. No resolutions for me for 2014. Just goals. Settable and achievable goals. This print image I came across on Pinterest was in some way the inspiration behind my declaration of making changes:
abacf1f5c5a773f77efaef029a1164f1Because, to be entirely honest, there are a few things I just cannot accept any longer. And even though I am no fan of listicles, I think instead of having me ramble on in paragraphs and paragraphs or dull prose about what I want to change, why I want to change it, and how I am going to do it, I thought a succinct list highlighting all that crap I just mentioned would be better. Right?


1. I am determined to really, seriously, completely begin my transition into becoming a writer. I know my blog posts dont say much about my writing, thus the aim here is to ‘BEGIN’ the transition not to make it already. This of course also means I must up the ante on my reading. There are still over hundred classics I have always told myself I will get through because reading a lot almost always translates to writing a lot, and more importantly, writing better.

2. I will begin my search for that job/program/what-have-you that will help me make my move to another country much easier. I love home, I love my country, but aren’t your twenties for all the adventures and stories you will amass and annoyingly recount to your friends who choose instead to marry and settle when they invite you to dinner with their family. Eventually we all return home, its always the home soil that runs in your blood that will draw you back. I would much rather return as that eccentric friend in her forties who has the best stories to tell. You know, the one we all wished we’d grown up to become 😉

3. No more, ‘maybe they’re right, that I should be dating ‘husband potentials,’ and ‘I should be considering the age difference between me and my future children if I delay this important decision’ because what I’ve realized is that I couldnt be bothered whether or not I meet “the bloody one.” My approach has always been, go big or go home and I will choose to stand by it. I want takes my breath away kind of love and not better than nothing, and if I have to wait, then so be it. No more letting Asian expectations of marriage mess with my head and more importantly, with my personal values.

4. Living my own life! I am so done with friendships/relationships/decisions/etc. that always seem to have me on the compromising end. I’ve always valued ALL the people in my life, and have given up much good things I could have had because it might somehow affect the other person. 2013 has been a year where I’ve seen first hand just how some people in your life don’t give two-hoots about making decisions that benefits them even if it means it might jeopardize their relationship with you. To all those people, I say, in the words of the Queen of Hearts, ‘OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!’ …………….just kidding. I just dont need these people in my life anymore, they clearly do not value my friendship and all the sacrifices I have made for them so why lull about like an idiot trying to keep them happy when they would much rather not care.

So thats about it. No ‘drink less coffee’ or ‘join a gym’ or whatever it is that tops the lists of avid new year resolution makers. Just simple doable changes 😉 Wish me luck!


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