End of An Encounter {Part Un}

morningafter copy
My face is buried in the crumpled white sheets. I am lying on my stomach, and as I find my bearings and realize this is not my room and that last night really happened, my stomach lurches in……….fear? I slowly turn my face towards the other side of the bed, Miranda? Minerva? Oh god! What was her name…? It begins with a ‘M’ that much I’m certain. I shut my eyes as I slowly turn to face her, opening my right eye first and slowly my left, only to realize she’s not in bed. Did she leave before I got up? I am almost shocked. I think I should be relieved that she left without us having to deal with the awkward morning after but I cannot help feeling a little offended. We had a good time last night. Or was that just how I felt? I remember laughing a lot. Then I remember, last night, through the champagne haze, I thought she was witty, and more beautiful than any girl I’d met before, but that could be the beer goggles talking. I wonder if I really did have as good a time as I think I did. Why did I get so wasted? The faucet turns on in the bathroom…or wait, that could be the shower. She’s still here. She is in the bathroom. I sit up and strain my neck to listen to her in the bathroom. It is definitely the sink and not the shower. I laugh inwardly when I think maybe she’s peeing and does not want me to hear it. I do that sometimes when I am certain the people just outside the door will be able to hear me in the bathroom. Then my thoughts come back to M…….shit! I better remember her name before she steps out. I realize that her still being here means having to deal with the awkward morning-after after all. I get a little nervous. Okay, more than just a little.


I turn on the faucet. I know I didn’t wake him when I slipped out to use to bathroom. I hope he’s still asleep when I get out. I open my eyes this morning and look over at Josh. He’s facing the other way so I lean over just a little to get a glimpse of his face. Hovering over him as he draws deep breathes in and out. I confirm that he is still as cute as I thought he was through the drunken clumsy night. His eyelids flicker and I hold my breath. The only thing more awkward than waking up next to your drunken hookup would be to find your drunken hookup hovering over you smiling down oh-so-creepily. He shifts his body just a little and settles down again. I release my breath in relief but still hover over him. His eyes go still, he has obviously gone back into deep sleep. I notice his long dark lashes resting upon his beautiful cheekbones. Josh was a handsome man no doubt, and under normal circumstances I would have been excited to have met someone so handsome and funny and charming, but given the fact that these were merely ideas I was presented with through the haze that was last evening, I wasn’t sure whether that was really true or if it was just fiction my inebriated self had created. I slip out of the sheets and step into the bathroom as quietly as I can. I look at my naked form in the mirror and cringe at what I see. My makeup now a Jackson Pollock across my entire face, my lips swollen and red, and my hair a makeshift birds nest on the crown of my head. I touch my lips, I quite like that it’s swollen and red. I really hope I did have as good a night as I think I did. I smile at my state. Strange that I shouldn’t feel weird or awkward about having to walk out and face a random guy I met last night. I look at myself again in the mirror and shrug. I grab a bathrobe and sit down. I really needed to go, that’s what woke me up from my extremely satisfied deep sleep this morning. But before I start peeing I think about how close the bathroom door is to the bed. I know Josh is still asleep but I really don’t want the first thing he hears, if he wakes up, to be the tinkling sound of me peeing so I turn the faucet on to drown that sound out.


The water shuts off. I hear the lock of the bathroom door click before it opens. I am still sitting up in bed, anticipating that Madilyn is as wonderful as I think I remember her to be. Oh shit! Madilyn! I remembered her name, in the nick of time too. Madilyn. How could I forget, I told her it meant ‘beautiful spirited girl’ and she thought it was a pickup line. But that  was really the truth. That is what the name Madilyn means. I glance down and realize I am still completely naked. Why didn’t I put my boxers on? Geez! I don’t have enough time to put on my boxers now, for one I don’t know where the hell they are. My chest tightens bit as I anticipate facing her but she doesnt come out. Why is it taking her so long to walk from the bathroom to the bed. I did hear the door open right?


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