End of An Encounter {Finale}


“I ordered us breakfast, I hope that’s okay,” Josh says.
“That’s fine. Thank you,” Madilyn replies.

They stand there watching each other in awkward silence for a split second. He smiles, runs his hands through his thick brown mane and gestures towards the balcony. Madilyn nods weakly still a little shy and unsure of what is proper morning after behavior and walks out onto the balcony forgoing her initial idea of putting on a few more articles of clothing underneath the fluffy cotton bathrobe. The morning sun gleams down onto the table of fresh croissants, fruit platters, coffee, and orange juice. Her stomach rumbles in response.
“I guess I am hungry after the long night,” she says and blushes almost as soon as she says it. Shit! Madilyn thinks to herself, she meant she guesses she’s hungry because it had been a long time after the last time she ate and not because it was a long night of……you know, with him. Josh grins a wide grin noticing how uncomfortable Madilyn was making herself.

“Sit,” he says pulling out the chair, choosing not to respond and tease her.
“Thanks for getting all this,” she says looking out onto the narrow street lining the neighborhood and to the distant appearance of the Eiffel Tower. She is barely able to look directly into his eyes. Embarrassed and unused to very many random hook-ups with men, Madilyn chooses to pretend she is enjoying the view. This Paris view she has seen almost a hundred times before. Inexplicably Josh is able to read that about her.

“It’s called living in the moment,” Josh says.
She turns to face him, “Excuse me?” she says.
“You are clearly trying to justify last night in your head, unused to having to deal with the morning afters and all that. I wanted to catch you before you force yourself to categorize last night as having been anything more than something fun we both enjoyed doing. Last night was called living in the moment, if you must label it somehow,” he said.
She paused, trying to absorb what he said, and then she smiled, and then she laughed lightly.
“It is, isn’t it?” she responded. “Thank you for the moment,” she adds.
“Moments, plural, if I remember correctly,” he says, not allowing his teasing joking self to let this second moment to tease slide. Madilyn laughs in response. If this had come from the jock in college she might have reeled in disgust and seen it as the most crass comment, but somehow even though she didn’t know Josh so well, she was felt she knew him enough to know that’s just his playful side and that that was exactly how he meant it.
“Coffee? Or orange juice?” he asks holding a coffee cup in one hand and a nice glass of juice in the other.
“Coffee and then orange juice,” she responds grabbing both out of his hands. He surrenders them to her and smiles back glad he has been able to disarm her nerves a bit.

“Do you mind?” Josh asks, holding up a cigarette in his left hand and an engraved zippo lighter in the right.
“No,” Madilyn replies.
Josh lights up his cigarette, sips his coffee and looks out at the city that’s beginning to wake up from its moments from last night.
Madilyn sips her nice strong coffee just the way she likes it, and looks over at Josh. The pure whiteness of his t-shirt reflecting the bright sunlight making it hard to stare at it too long. “Living in the moment,” she repeats to herself watching him stretch his long tanned legs and crosses them at the ankles. His chocolate brown hair disheveled in a sexy mess on his head. She undoes her bun and lets her long dark hair dry in the sun. She notices him watching her from the corner of her eyes. She looks over at him and he smiles at her but says nothing. She pushes herself up off her chair, leans over the table and kisses him, surprising herself.

They continue to sit, mostly in silence, watching the city and watching each other. Smiling in affection and basically just living in another moment.

C’est Fin!


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