This Wind of Change

“Things change. They always do, it is one of the laws of nature. Most people are afraid of change, but, if you look at it like it’s something you can count on, then it can be a comfort. Because there aren’t that many things in life you can count on.” – The Bridges of Madison County (1995)

Times change, people change, relationships change, preferences change, perceptions change, life changes. If there is one thing I am starting to realize, it is that, much disappointment and shock can be avoided by accepting the fact that everything changes. Nothing stays exactly the same, for better or for worse. Change can be beautiful, just as it can be heartbreaking. But, either one of those can be managed and dealt with if you accept that change is inevitable. It is never any one persons fault or doing. It is what time does to everything and everyone. If you are able to accept it as an inescapable dimension of life then there is comfort in it. Knowing that there will be a day change will bring with it the strength to get over pain or heal wounds is comforting. To realize that every little experience is changing you unknowingly, until that day you wake up to a morning of compounded absolute change. To notice starkly that change has made you forget those terrible moments you thought you would never get over. These boons change offers you is a small price to pay for the little disappointments change brings here and there. My heart breaks a little every time I think of all the wonderful people I’ve lost, whether it is because our relationships have changed, or because they’ve changed or I’ve changed. But then, I know that nothing can stay the same. And that those changes were meant to happen. Accepting that and moving on to other changes brings about an indescribable comfort. Learning to count on change as a positive thing makes life that much more easier to live.


2 thoughts on “This Wind of Change

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