My Journey……

“The journey between what you once were to who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place”



The beauty of my journey so far has been the constantly changing rhythm, the harmony, the symphony. Some last longer than others. Some I wish would finish quickly, while others I want to push the ‘Repeat’ button on. I sometimes do not recognize the person I become in certain situations but then I realize this version of me today has seen and experienced so many more things than the one I think I remember. That this version is more true in this moment than any other versions I’ve been in the past. Despite all my solipsistic ramblings I am grateful for everything I have been given. Some days it just feels right to appreciate our own journey of life for what it is, even if it is not exactly what you had hoped for, because as cliche as it may sound, it could be worse. So come rain or shine, I will put on my dancing shoes and dance to the beat, any beat, life throws at me. I did take 2 years of Jazz dancing in college, so you can imagine I will be pretty good at the dancing bits of life 🙂



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