Birthday Post


Image from Monica Net on Pinterest

Image from Monica Net on Pinterest

Yesterday, August 17th, was my birthday and ever since the last sip of champagne had at dinner I have felt like I needed to make a post….not just any ordinary post, but a profound birthday post. One where I share the lessons I might have learnt from the epic journeys I have made, or a splendidly satirical story from the day when a friend did something funny. But as I sat down to write a post the first time, I came up with nothing. It was not because my life hasn’t been an epic journey on its own, or there haven’t been important lessons learnt. Not even because I do not have extremely funny friends, I do,  as a matter of fact a funny incident occurred on my birthday which involved the idea of vandalizing public property because in a year or two none of us will be in our twenties and being caught for public vandalism in your thirties is just oh-so-unbecoming, and references to spilled semen (yes, yes, you read it right, semen!). But that is a story for another time. Anyway, the reason why I came up with nothing is because for once in my life, I feel the most at peace with myself. While there might not have been extremely interesting events to share about, I also have not had extremely low points like I used to. Life I think has finally been allowed to keep on keeping on without my own over-thinking, sabotaging old ways. It could be age, or wisdom (*cough*cough), or the guidance I have had in my family and friends, whatever it may be, I find myself on my birthday, extremely grateful.

My creative side could not conjure up the words to describe where I am in my life any better than the following words by Robert M. Drake:

then, she began to breathe,
and live, and every moment
took her to a place where
goodbyes were hard to come
by. she was in love, but not
in love with someone or
something, she was in love
with her life. and for the first time, in a long time,
everything was inspiring.

Thank you for all the birthday love from those near and far 🙂



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